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IV Therapy

IV Therapy

IV Drips in Tampa

Whether you’re looking to accelerate weight loss, simply feel better and more energetic, take back your sex life, or get your glow on, an IV Drip can help. You can choose from a range of drips featuring a blend of IV fluids, vitamins and antioxidants to help you look, feel and be your best every day.

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Reduce seasonal allergies, fatigue, and inflammation, and restore natural balance.

Reduce bloating, irritability, abdominal discomfort and more.

Burn fat, feel energized and boost your metabolism.

Strengthen your immune system and feel better faster.

Reduce appearance of wrinkles, acne and tired skin.

Hydrate and combat fatigue from dehydration.

When you need to hit the reset button after a long night out, combat hangover-related symptoms like dehydration, headache and nausea with our Reboot IV Kit.

Decrease recovery time and enhance your athletic performance.

Removes wrinkles, slows down the aging process, rebuilds collagen, and restores youthfulness.

Essential VITAMINS

Choose From

Vitamin B-12 is a water-soluble B complex vitamin found naturally in a variety of foods, including meat, fish and dairy products. Vitamin B-12 injections can help prevent or treat pernicious anemia and B-12 deficiency, may boost energy, metabolism, mood, and memory.

Vitamin C is notorious for playing a role in immune health and is found naturally in fruits and vegetables, especially citrus fruits and juice, red and green peppers, broccoli, strawberries and Brussels sprouts. This vitamin encourages wound healing, preventing cell damage and building collagen.

Vitamin D-3 is absorbed by our bodies naturally through sunlight. Individuals who are deficient in Vitamin D-3 can develop a condition known as osteomalacia, where their bones will begin to soften. Vitamin D-3 injections can be a great supplement.

A lipotropic (“fat loving”) injection combines Vitamin B-12 with three amino acids: choline, methionine and inositol. Although all four are available through food or oral supplementation, injecting directly into the bloodstream provides these natural substances immediately to the body if any were in short supply and helps to increase metabolism and may assist in weight loss.
Glutathione is a substance produced naturally by the liver and can be found naturally in fruits, vegetables and meats. Glutathione injections may assist in preventing aging, and memory loss and is also used for maintaining the body’s defense system.
Body Comp Rx is an injection containing L-Arginine (in lower doses), B-12, Methionine, Inositol and Choline. These amino acids and essential nutrients combined may help improve heart health and stamina, burn belly fat, increase lean muscle mass, improve exercise tolerance and more.
Biotin is a vitamin naturally found in small amounts in some foods and is commonly used to increase hair growth, strengthen nails, rebuild tissue, and promote cell growth.
Contains the 5 B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6) which play vital roles in ensuring that our bodies operate efficiently and as they should. B Vitamins hold a multitude of benefits for the body, from stress regulations, and cell reproduction to nerve health and more.
This powerhouse injection of essential minerals includes Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Selenium, and more. This blend helps improve every day aches and pains such as fatigue, headaches, and immunity.


Typically administered in the upper arm, our vitamin injections are given as intramuscular shots. Vitamin injections deliver nutrients immediately into the bloodstream so the body can readily utilize them.

The area is sterilized and the shot is administered swiftly. As with any needle or injection, discomfort is quick, slight and temporary.

Increased energy, improved mood, deeper sleep and an increased libido are all the benefits you can receive from a vitamin injection.


Yes, very safe. Side effects are typically non-existing. The most noticeable side effect is a change in color to your urine. Vitamin injections are not advised for pregnant and nursing mothers.



Dr. K and Jimmy are wonderful! Honest, very knowledgeable, and friendly 🙂 Dr. K provided me with an honest opinion about various options that I was interested in and which were and were not necessary, something I value in a provider.


Allison H.

Love this new place! I got a personal tour by Dr. K and learned about some amazing services that I can’t wait to try. Rachel gave me a diamond glow facial and I love the results. She is very knowledgeable and knows her stuff. I’m very excited to come back for other services!


Rene P.

Dr. Kallikadan and her team are amazing. They are always so knowledgable, friendly and explain everything thoroughly. Not to mention the Med Spa’s environment is very clean, welcoming and relaxing. So happy I found Health + Glow and this team! One of the best locations in South Tampa.


Madison M.

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