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Toenail Fungus Treatment with ClearSilk at Health + Glow

Resolve Your Toenail Fungus with Highly Effective ClearSilk® Laser Therapy

When a fungus causes mold or mildew growth in your home, it undoubtedly elicits an “ew”-like reaction and rapid efforts to clean and destroy it. If you were to learn of fungal growth on your body, your initial “ew” response might be tinged with concerns about how to treat it. Not to alarm you, but if your toenails are discolored, thickening, cracking, or breaking, you may have a fungal infection. Toenail fungus affects 10% to 15% of the population and can be challenging to treat.

However, Health + Glow’s primary care and medical spa facility offers a revolutionary toenail fungus treatment in Tampa, Florida. If you suspect you may have toenail fungus or have struggled to treat it effectively, Health + Glow lead physician Dr. Swapna M. Kallikadan will advise you that ClearSilk® laser treatment has proven highly effective at treating her patients’ toenail fungus. Here is what you need to know.

What is Toenail Fungus?

A fungal infection called onychomycosis, toenail fungus is caused by the buildup of fungi in, on, under, and around the toenails, which provides a perfect warm, moist environment for its growth. Because it comes from the same fungi that cause athlete’s foot, jock itch, and ringworm, you can acquire the fungal infection in similar ways. Like athlete’s foot, you can “catch” toenail fungus via skin contact in moist areas where the fungus might thrive, such as locker rooms, pool decks, and showers. Skin contact with someone with a fungal infection can cause it, as can sharing personal care items like nail clippers and towels.

Toenail fungus can infect anyone, but some people are more susceptible, including:

  • Older adults.
  • Those living in hot, humid climates (like Tampa).
  • People with poor circulation.
  • Those with chronic health and immune system issues.
  • Anyone with damaged toenails or an existing fungal infection.
  • People who constantly wear sweaty socks and shoes.

How the Fungus Affects Your Toes

The initial growth of toenail fungus is typically symptom-free, but as the fungi continue to grow, they cause the telltale signs of discoloration, nail thickening, brittleness, cracks, and easy breakage. The discoloration is usually white, yellow, or brown, and along with thickening, some people’s toenails become warped or twisted. Other symptoms that affect some patients include toenail loosening or separating from the nail bed.

Unchecked growth can cause pain and difficulty wearing shoes, and later stages of growth are much more resistant to treatment. Additionally, if the fungal infestation becomes severe, it can cause ulcers and the development of a dangerous bacterial infection. Thus, anyone who thinks they may have toenail fungus should seek treatment as soon as possible.

How Does the Laser Therapy Work?

Toenail fungus laser therapy uses specific laser light wavelengths that pass through the toenail without damaging the keratin and surrounding tissues yet have enough energy to be absorbed by and destroy the fungus in the nail bed. For safety reasons, the laser energy is only delivered in short bursts, so several treatment sessions are usually needed to kill all the fungus and stop the infection.

Why Laser Therapy May Be the Best Option

The FDA approved laser therapy for treating toenail fungus due to its reasonable effectiveness in clinical trials and because other treatment options have limitations. FDA-approved topical treatments are effective at treating emerging and mild toenail fungus cases but less effective at treating moderate and severe cases. It can also take a year or longer to resolve the fungal infection completely.

Oral treatments are more effective at treating the condition in all its stages, but they can cause severe side effects that affect the liver and heart. Doctors who prescribe oral treatments to their toenail fungus patients must periodically monitor them by checking blood work and liver function.

Surgical nail removal is often recommended for those who don’t respond to or can’t take topical and oral treatments. Of course, if you don’t want to undergo surgery or lose your toenails, laser therapy may be the better option.

What to Expect with Your Laser Therapy Treatment

Health + Glow’s ClearSilk® laser therapy for toenail fungus in Tampa, is quick, easy, noninvasive, and requires no downtime. Following an assessment to properly diagnose the toenail fungus infection and determine its extent, your healthcare practitioner will carefully direct the laser energy into the affected area in a session that typically takes about 10 minutes. Most patients feel minimal discomfort, which is short-lived and well-tolerated.

To fully eliminate the fungal infection, Health + Glow will likely recommend you undergo two to three more sessions spaced one to two weeks apart. Noticeable results take time, as you must wait for new fungus-free keratin growth to replace the old toenail.

Learn More About Toenail Fungus Treatment at Tampa’s Health + Glow

If you think you have toenail fungus or have had difficulty treating the condition, consult with Health + Glow. We are pleased to offer this novel treatment to our Tampa-area patients, as we have established a high success rate in restoring the health and appearance of their toenails. To learn more about toenail fungus laser therapy in Tampa, schedule an appointment with Health + Glow today.