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Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin: Exploring Kybella® as a Non-Surgical Solution

Everyone knows that trying to lose weight by diet and exercise presents a significant challenge. And just about everyone who has tried to reduce the appearance of their double chin by sculpting it through diet and exercise finds it an impossible challenge.

Well, the health practitioners and aestheticians of Tampa, Florida’s Health + Glow medical spa love a challenge, especially when it involves helping clients meet their beautification goals. Health + Glow’s lead physician Dr. Swapna M. Kallikadan understands the frustration her patients experience when trying to lose the double chin and better define the jawline. Thus, she is pleased to offer her patients a non-surgical remedy that reduces fat beneath the chin to develop a slimmer, more defined jawline. Read on to learn more about the double chin dilemma and how Kybella® can work with the body’s metabolism to reduce fat deposits that create a double chin.

Understanding the Double Chin Dilemma

Medically known as “submental fullness,” several factors can cause a double chin and impact the appearance and self-esteem of all ages and body types. Weight gain is one of the most common causes of developing a double chin because the skin underlying the chin contains fat padding that naturally expands with weight gain. Genetics plays a significant role because it dictates how the body distributes fat and what proportion it stores in the submental (chin) area. Aging also plays a role because older skin produces less collagen and loses its elasticity, allowing easier formation of a double chin.

The dilemma of a double chin is compounded because it is extremely difficult to spot reduce submental fat through diet and exercise. While diet- and exercise-related fat reduction in the chin will be proportional to fat loss everywhere else, it tends to be far less noticeable due to the sagging skin. Even if you lose two inches of fat from your waistline, any fat reduction in the submental area will be hardly noticeable.

Introducing Kybella®: How It Works

Backed by outstanding clinical results and 2015 FDA approval, Kybella® permanently destroys submental fat cells to reduce the appearance of the double chin and better define the jawline. Kybella® is a one-of-a-kind injectable treatment that uses a synthetic formulation of a naturally occurring compound that destroys submental fat cells, which are subsequently removed by our body’s metabolic process. Its active ingredient is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a component of bile that helps our bodies absorb fat during the digestive process. When injected into the submental area, the active ingredient works similarly to break down submental fat cells, which our metabolism then expells as a waste product as part of the metabolic process.

The Benefits of Kybella® Treatment

Until the FDA approved Kybella®, the medical options for reducing submental fat deposits that cause a double chin have been limited to more invasive treatments like micro liposuction and neck lifts. Thus, the primary benefit of Kybella® is how it delivers results with minimal medical intrusion. Other benefits include:

  • It’s proven effective.
  • No downtime.
  • Limited pain, tenderness, and swelling.
  • Fat reduction is permanent.
  • Natural-looking results.
  • Most people are good candidates for the treatment.

The Kybella® Experience: What to Expect

Undergoing treatment with Kybella® at Tampa’s Health + Glow med spa is quick and easy. Depending on your sensitivity, your aesthetician will apply a numbing agent to the treatment area to ensure comfort. They’ll then mark specific injection sites based on which will destroy the most fat cells and proceed to inject accordingly. Once the targeted sites have been injected, the procedure is over, and you’re free to leave our med spa.

After each session, patients typically experience redness or swelling at the injection sites, as well as a numbing sensation across the submental area. In some patients, these side effects can last up to 10 days but can be eased with over-the-counter pain medications.

Kybella® Results: Achieving a Better Defined Jawline

Because the procedure relies on your metabolism, you will probably not notice any immediate reduction of the submental fat causing the double chin. Still, you should see a difference within four to six weeks. Most patients typically require more than one Kybella® session to realize the treatment’s full potential. These are typically spaced six weeks apart to allow the body’s metabolism to work between sessions.

Is Kybella® Right for You?

Kybella® is FDA-approved for anyone with excess fat in the submental area, though it is not recommended for pregnant women and anybody with a history of keloid scar formation. Ideal Kybella® candidates should:

  • Be over age 18.
  • Have at least a moderate amount of submental fat.
  • Be in good health.
  • Failed to get results from diet and exercise.
  • Want to avoid invasive options.

Safety and Efficacy: Why Kybella® is a Trusted Option

Kybella® is safe and effective because its active ingredient mimics the reactive process of a naturally occurring substance in the body. In clinical trials, almost 80% of subjects reported satisfaction with results after 12 weeks, and the FDA approved the treatment based on the efficacy and safety presented by clinical trial results.

Contact Health + Glow to Schedule Your Kybella® Treatment Session

To learn more about how Health + Glow can help you lose your double chin and add definition to your jawline, schedule an appointment with our Tampa, Florida, medical spa today. Know that Health + Glow offers a wide range of other health and beauty treatments, including preventative medicine, body contouring, revitalizing IV drips, and anti-aging therapies, so browse our website to see what else we can do to boost your health and beauty.