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In-House Lab at Health + Glow

Unlocking the Power of Convenience with Health + Glow’s In-House Lab

Health + Glow strives to provide its Tampa, Florida-area patients with comprehensive top-notch primary care, IV therapy, and medical spa services. Everything we do is organized with convenience in mind, with the delivery of quick and effective services tailored to the unique needs of each patient.

We’ve designed our primary care services to maintain and promote the overall health of our patients and provide same-day sick visit services to ensure timely care. To facilitate the convenience of our primary care services, we are pleased to offer in-house laboratory services in Tampa that provide on-site diagnostic testing with rapid turn-around times to help make quick and efficient health care decisions. Let’s further review our in-house lab to assess how it significantly enhances the delivery of our primary care services.

Convenience Redefined

Health + Glow’s in-house lab service in Tampa helps us redefine primary care convenience. Ten years ago, few primary care facilities and doctor’s offices had their own in-house diagnostic testing laboratories. This meant that when a doctor determined a need for diagnostic testing, they usually referred the patient to a hospital or private diagnostic testing clinic. The patient would have to secure an appointment, travel to the facility, and then wait for the results before scheduling another appointment with their healthcare provider.

An in-house lab offers the convenience of near-term on-site testing and much faster results delivery. The benefits and convenience of in-house lab services are so great that patient demand for them has soared over the past decade, and more and more medical practitioners are starting to offer the service.

Speedy Results

In-house lab services allow primary care facilities to conduct effective diagnoses and initiate timely treatment much faster than primary care practitioners who do not offer the service. This helps optimize healthcare outcomes and puts patients, who might otherwise grow distraught while waiting for the results from outsourced lab work, at ease. An in-house lab also helps streamline the delivery of preventative medical care, allowing physicians to quickly formulate healthcare plans and better monitor their patient’s ongoing health.

Enhanced Patient Engagement

The convenient, timely delivery of diagnostic testing results from an in-house lab enhances patients’ engagement with their healthcare providers. A patient is more likely to interact with in-house lab staff who are part of the healthcare team than they are with remote lab personnel with no direct connection to their primary care providers. This enhanced communication fosters transparency and education, in which the patient is more likely to learn about the purpose of specific testing, the significance of results, and how the tests are used to identify risks and formulate treatment plans and health maintenance.

Personalized Care Pathways

The close coordination and communication between a primary care facility’s medical practitioners and its in-house lab staff creates a more integrated approach to patient care. As with the primary care physicians, in-house lab personnel garner a vested interest in delivering the best care for our patients. “Our in-house lab staff are an integral component of our team,” says Health + Glow lead physician Dr. Swapna M. Kallikadan. “As part of the team, lab staff develop professional relationships with our patients on the same level as other primary care providers. This helps deliver personalized care that promotes the best in healthcare outcomes.”

Empowering Preventative Care

The timeliness and efficiency of a primary care facility’s in-house lab enhance preventative care by allowing their physicians to keep closer track of their patients’ overall health. Regular diagnostic screening allows physicians to tailor a preventative healthcare approach for their patients that focuses on proactive management of health conditions, early detection, and prevention as needed.

Quality Assurance

With an in-house lab, primary care facility physicians have greater oversight of the quality of diagnostic testing procedures, data, and results. This helps ensure that patients always receive the most accurate and reliable health information.

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To learn more about the benefits our in-house lab confers to our primary care patients in Tampa, schedule an appointment with Health + Glow today. In addition to our primary care services, Health + Glow operates as a medical spa and IV therapy facility with a comprehensive slate of health and beauty treatments.