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Unveiling the Radiance: Exploring the Benefits of DiamondGlow® Facial Treatment

“The best foundation you can wear is glowing, healthy skin.”

We don’t know who coined this beauty quote, but our quest for radiant skin has been ongoing since at least Ancient Roman times. As defined by dictionaries, radiance is “the ability to reflect beams of light.” From an aesthetic standpoint, radiant skin equates to youth and good health. As noted by an Allure article detailing the rise in popularity of skin care products that promote radiant, glowing skin, “the first sign of aging is a loss of radiance.”

With expertise in offering Tampa, Florida-area clients the best in rejuvenating skincare treatments, Health + Glow understands the important role radiance plays in optimizing aesthetic results. As lead physician Dr. Swapna M. Kallikadan notes, “Our focus on radiance is implied by our emphasis of ‘Glow’ in the name of our primary care and medical spa facility.”

While most Health + Glow med spa treatments enhance skin radiance, the DiamondGlow® facial specifically delivers radiant-looking skin while addressing other skin concerns. The therapy combines gentle dermabrasion with the infusion of medical-grade serums that will leave your skin glowing and hydrated long after your facial has ended.

What is Diamond Glow® Facial Treatment?

DiamondGlow® is a customizable, non-invasive facial treatment that simultaneously exfoliates, extracts debris, and infuses the newly opened pores with professional-grade skin-enhancing serums. Developed by Allergan Aesthetics, DiamondGlow® is powered by an applicator wand containing a recessed diamond tip matched to skin type and skin conditioning goals. Along with exfoliation that removes dead skin cells, impurities, and blackheads, the tip’s diamond-coated microcrystals massage the skin and stimulate blood flow, further enhancing radiance.

The Science Behind Radiance: How DiamondGlow® Works

The science behind DiamondGlow’s® skin radiance boosting success starts with the patented diamond tip. With a range of tip heads to address different skin types, DiamondGlow® provides precision exfoliation without impacting other skin layers or causing irritation. The DiamondGlow® wand also includes a vacuum attachment that helps remove dead skin cells, dirt, oils, and other debris without causing dryness or irritation like many other extraction techniques. Because the exfoliation and extraction help open the pores, the DiamondGlow® facial ends with the infusion of a proprietary skin conditioning serum developed by SkinMedica®.

Personalized Experience: Tailoring DiamondGlow® for Different Skin Types

Health + Glow customizes each DiamondGlow® facial treatment according to skin type and the client’s skin conditioning goals. The patented diamond tips help tailor the degree of exfoliation, and the vacuum can be adjusted to deliver the amount of suction needed to help unclog pores and clear the skin of debris. The SkinMedica® serums are also tailored to address each client’s specific skin conditions and concerns and include anti-inflammatory agents, moisturizers, and antioxidants.

The Safe Sparkle: Why DiamondGlow® is a Trustworthy Option

With its patented diamond tip exfoliation, vacuum action, and proprietary serums, DiamondGlow® has been receiving positive reviews since its 2019 debut. DiamondGlow® seems to deliver on its promise to help make client’s skin healthier, smoother, clearer, and, of course, more radiant. It’s also getting high marks for unclogging pores, evening skin tone, and decreasing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration.

Before and After: Real Results of DiamondGlow®

After just one DiamondGlow® facial, clients notice results and enhanced radiance. And those results show further improvement with additional treatments, as seen in the before and after photos displayed below:

Before and After DiamondGlow Facial
DiamondGlow Before and After Image

Contact Health + Glow to Schedule Your DiamondGlow® Facial Treatment

If you want to enhance your skin’s radiance and experience the other skin conditioning benefits offered by DiamondGlow®, schedule an appointment with Health + Glow today. In addition to innovative facials and other skin conditioning treatments, Health + Glow provides a broad range of other health and beauty services, including preventative medicine, body contouring, revitalizing IV drips, and anti-aging therapies.